How to Use Promo Codes for Discounts on Google Workspace

You may receive a promo code from a Google partner that gives a discount on Google Workspace. If you have a code, enter it when selecting your billing plan to get the lower price.

Note: Existing Google Workspace customers may get a promo code for a discount when upgrading their subscription. You’ll be prompted to enter the code during the upgrade process.

Steps to Enter Promo Code When Setting Up Billing:

1. When setting up billing for Google Workspace, choose your plan and click “Promotion code.”

2. Enter the code to see the promotion terms. Some codes limit the number of licenses/accounts or require a minimum monthly bill. You’ll be notified if your order doesn’t meet the terms. Important: Enter your code now to get the discount. You can’t add it later.

3. Click “Continue” to see your order summary. It won’t show the discounted amount but will display the code, terms, and a note that the promotion will be applied later.

4. Complete the steps to finish setting up billing.

How to See the Discount in Your Transactions:

1. Sign in to your Google Admin console with an administrator account.

2. Go to Menu > Billing > Payment accounts.

3. Next to your subscription, click “View invoices.”

Things to Note:

– Discounts are prorated for partial months of service.

– Discounts may be applied throughout the month across transactions. Reviewing the full month makes the calculations easier to understand.

See the email/webpage where you got the code for detailed promotion terms and conditions.

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