How to: Undo send in Gmail

Did you just send
an email and realize
you’d like to unsend it?
See that someone’s name
was spelled wrong?
Or you’d like to include something else
immediately after sending
undo the sending of an email in one easy
I’m Laura Mae Martin.
Google’s productivity advisor,
Here to show you
how to work your space
in Google Workspace.
Today, we’ll show you how to undo
the sending of an email.
Let’s get started.
After sending an email in Gmail,
you’ll see a gray
pop up bar in the bottom
left hand corner.
From there
you have the option to click undo send,
which will unsend the email
and put it back in draft form
in the Gmail settings
under the general tab,
you have the option to extend
the undo send period up to 30 seconds.
So there you have it.
Undo the sending of an email
in one easy step.
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about this tip,
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