New annotations in Google Docs

The new markups experience lets you add handwritten annotations to documents with a stylus or your finger when using an Android device. Markups can be useful in numerous scenarios, such as: Colleagues giving each other handwritten feedback on diagrams, charts, reports or proposals. Educators giving students feedback on their essays, reports, short stories and more. … Read more

Import and convert Excel files into encrypted Google Sheets

When collaborating with external and internal stakeholders, you may find yourself working across both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. This update keeps your work moving by layering interoperability on top of the privacy benefits of client-side encryption: users are in direct control of their encryption keys and the identity service that they choose to authenticate … Read more

Updates to Google Workspace Marketplace

Now, end users can also discover and install Google Chat apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace.   Additionally, users can now open the Google Workspace Marketplace directly from within Chat. This will include an enhanced browsing experience with curated app categories such as “Intelligent apps”. Lastly, developers can start publishing Chat apps on the Google … Read more

NEW: Gemini for Google Workspace

Introducing Gemini Business, which is available to new and existing Google Workspace customers (see the availability section below for more details). Gemini Business is a Workspace add-on subscription which provides a subset of the generative AI features available in Gemini Enterprise, subject to monthly usage limits. With tools to enhance productivity, boost creativity, and save … Read more

Sort, filter and manage comments in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

We’re introducing an improved comments experience in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to help you find and take action on comments easier than ever before. While you will continue to see and interact with the comments experience you’re familiar with, you’ll also notice updates to our comment cards, icons, and more. You can explore new … Read more

Immersive presentations in Google Slides

Starting today, Speaker spotlight in Slides, an experience that lets presenters insert their video feed directly into their Slides content, is generally available for select Google Workspace editions. With Speaker spotlight, you can deliver your message with greater impact by embedding your camera feed directly into your Slides presentations. This feature helps keep your audience … Read more

How To Create Formula Pie Charts in Google Sheets (Video)

In this video, you’ll learn how to create miniature pie charts inside a single cell in Google Sheets. Using a combination of modern function — BYROW, LAMBDA, and IMAGE — you’ll create a named function that can be easily used in other Sheets. 📚 Additional resources: – Template to follow along: – Formula pie … Read more

Google Meet “companion mode” on mobile

Companion mode in Google Meet is designed to seamlessly connect those in meeting rooms with their remote teammates, giving everyone access to interactive features and controls, while leveraging the best of in-room audio and video conferencing capabilities. Currently, you can use companion mode from a laptop or desktop device. Beginning today, you’ll be able to … Read more