How to use the powerful MAP Function in Google Sheets

The MAP function in Google Sheets is a powerful function for working with ranges (arrays) of data. It takes array(s) of data as an input and “maps” each value to a new value based on a custom LAMBDA function. MAP is a more modern, functional approach to array formula type problems. #GoogleWorkspace Test Workspace Free … Read more

Create Barcodes In Google Sheets

In this video, you’ll learn how to create barcodes in Google Sheets in 2 easy steps. Barcodes are a way to represent data in a visual way that is readable by machines. Typically, they consist of thick and thin lines with varying widths between them. They’re super easy to create in Google Sheets as you’ll … Read more

Common Formula Errors in Google Sheets and How To Fix Them

Understanding formula errors in Google Sheets is a crucial step to formula mastery. In this video we look at all the different error types in Google Sheets, including what causes them and how to fix them. In addition, we’ll learn about formulas that help you identify errors and how you can use conditional formatting to … Read more

Google Workspace Promo Code tutorial (Video)

Are you looking to maximize your savings while enjoying the power of Google Workspace? Well, you’re in luck! In today’s video, we’ll guide you through the world of Google Workspace promo codes and show you how to unlock exclusive discounts. Stick around to make the most out of your Google Workspace experience!” What is Google … Read more

Basic Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

In this video, we do a deep dive into the essential features of conditional formatting. We cover all the rules except for “Custom formula is” (check out the advanced video for that one!) as well as how to copy rules and even turn off the conditional rules but keep the formatting. hey folks and welcome … Read more

What’s new with Google Chat

Transcript: VAMSEE JASTI: Thanks, everyone, for joining us today, especially on the last day of the conference. Being the first talk, you really are the dedicated ones. So I really appreciate you being here. My name is Vamsee Jasti. I’m the Product Director for Google Chat and Google. Groups. I’m joined today by Rachit and … Read more