Expanding voice typing and automatic captions to additional browsers

Currently users can edit their documents in Google Docs or edit speaker notes in Google Slides by using their voice. Users can also turn on automatic captions to display the speakers’ words in real time while presenting in Slides. These features have previously been available using the latest version of Google Chrome only. Starting today, … Read more

Send emails to spaces in Google Chat

We’re introducing a new way to manage your communication, including emails, in Google Chat. After a space manager generates an email address for a space, members (or anyone in your domain with the email address) can send or forward any email to that space. This provides a great way for teams to easily triage or … Read more

Offer available times to meet in Gmail (Video)

In this week’s episode of Google Workspace Productivity Tips, we’ll show you how to easily offer times to meet in your calendar, right within Gmail. #GoogleWorkspace Test Workspace Free Get a Google Workspace Promo Code Source

How to automate Google Workspace tasks with Gemini (Video)

The powerful capabilities of LLMs have opened up new avenues for developing tools that can interact with users intuitively and perform complex tasks autonomously. In this workshop, we’ll use Gemini to automate slide creation and other tasks within Google Workspace. We’ll examine the entire automation process using Gemini’s functional calling feature and Apps Script, and … Read more

Gemini (gemini.google.com) is now available to Google Workspace users in more territories and languages

Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that Gemini (gemini.google.com) is now available in more than 35 languages: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Farsi Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish … Read more

Quickly format and organize data with Tables in Google Sheets

We know it can be time consuming to perform repetitive tasks like updating data in a spreadsheet. In addition, maintaining the structure and format of the data can be difficult when there are multiple people updating the document. To help solve for this, we’re excited to announce tables in Google Sheets. With tables, you can … Read more

Convert data to dropdown chips in Google Sheets

If you have a column of data that includes a variety of data values (e.g., different project statuses like on track, paused, completed), Sheets will show a “Convert to dropdown chips” suggestion when you click into your data range. By hovering over that indicator, you can preview the suggestion and then convert to dropdown chips … Read more

Gemini in Docs (Video)

Gemini is your sales assi​​stant that helps you craft a custom proposal to generate new leads. #GoogleWorkspace Test Workspace Free Get a Google Workspace Promo Code Source