Export your Workspace data into the geographic location of your choice

Export their organization’s Workspace data into the geographic location or locations of their choice. These are the available options for this feature:

  • User data: Specify users, groups, organizational units or your entire organization
  • Export frequency: Opt for continuous or one-time exports
  • Storage settings: Specify the geographic location of the Google Cloud storage bucket that the data is exported to, who can access the data, and more settings within the Google Cloud storage bucket.
When creating a new export, you can choose to export your data continuously into your own storage bucket

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This update allows admins to export their organization’s Workspace data into their own Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket located in a geographic location of their choice to meet their data sovereignty, compliance, and data archival needs.

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  • Available to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus customers with Assured Controls add-on
    • If you don’t currently have the Assured Controls add-on, please contact us or reach out to your sales rep for more information.

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