Build AppSheet automations using Google Forms (in beta)

AppSheet helps users automate manual workflows by integrating with data sources like Google Drive and Sheets, and today we’re excited to announce its integration with another data collection tool in Workspace: Google Forms.

Many companies rely on the data collected via form submissions when they are performing tasks for ticketing or incident reporting. However, prior to today you could only view information from form submissions via email, spreadsheet or in the Forms app itself.
With this update, Google Forms submissions can act as event triggers within AppSheet Automations. These automations can then take many different actions, such as sending notifications or approval requests to Gmail or Google Chat, or even calling a custom Apps Script function.
Build AppSheet automations using Google Forms is now available in beta


Who’s impacted

Admins, end users and developers

Why you’d use it

This integration enables users to receive actionable notifications based on responses to Google Forms.

Getting started

  • Admins:
    • AppSheet admins can use AppSheet’s Policy Engine to control access to this feature by App Creators in their organization. Visit the Help Center to learn more about policy enforcement in AppSheet policies and specific guidance on preventing app creators from using Google Forms.
    • This feature is available as an open beta, which means AppSheet app creators can use it without enrolling in a specific beta program.
  • Developers and end users: Visit the Help Center to learn more about building automations using Google Forms. 

Rollout pace


Available for Google Workspace:
  • Business Starter, Standard, Plus
  • Enterprise Standard, Plus
  • Enterprise Essentials Plus
  • Education Fundamentals, Standard, Plus and the Teaching & Learning Upgrade
  • Frontline Starter, Standard
  • AppSheet Starter, Core, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus

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